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Dry and very dry hair

Shampooing Sublim-Hydratant


Active hydrating shampoo for dry fine hair with a waxy extract of Narcissus, gives hair softness and silkiness.

The shampoo based on wheat proteins, which promote deep recovery of keratine and supply hair with necessary nutrients. Wax extract of Narcissus have protective properties, it protects the hair from external aggressions and sun. Coconut oil, canola and elderberry extract to moisturize the hair from within, soften their structure.

Sublim Hydratant Masque

Moisturizing mask with extract of cotton flower, 150 ml

Moisturizing mask contains cottonseed oil and bamboo to restore suppleness and elasticity of dry hair. Its intense, slightly perfumed texture prevents tangling hair without weighing it down and penetrates deep into the hair texture.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: Apply the mask on clean, damp hair. With lighty massage movements rub the mask into the hair for better absorption. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes under heat. Cool hair and rinse thoroughly with cool water. Can be used as a conditioner.

Masque Richesse Iintense

Mask for extra dry, damaged hair with oil of Passionflower

The real saviour for damaged hair is an Masque Richesse Intense for deep hair recovery.

The mask will help to gradually restore dry and weak hair. The main active ingredient is the oil of Passiflora, which fatty acids penetrate deep into the hair, restoring the cuticle and the core.

Shea butter (African tree) nourishes the roots of the hair, supplies the scalp with essential nutrients, smoothes the hair scales, making it easier to comb. Hibiscus flower extract (rose, from which prepare the tea "hibiscus") gives an incredible shine and healthy attractiveness of hair.

As an additional component in the mask  hydrolyzed keratin (vegetable) prevents separation of the ends of the hair.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: Apply the mask on clean damp hair. With lighty massage movements rub the mask into the hair for better absorption. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes under heat. Cool hair and rinse thoroughly with cool water. Can be used as a conditioner.

Crème de beauté plus

For dry, damaged hair with apricot kernel oil

Action: The cream gives the hair the daily care, nutrition, deep repair, restores its’ shine and softness. Marshmallow extract provides deep hydration. Apricot kernel oil, rich in fatty acids, regulates hydro-lipid film on the surface of the hair and scalp, protecting them from exposure to the environment. The cream has a moisture-retaining, polishing properties thanks to extracts of Linden, aloe and mallow.

Main components:

• marshmallow extract;

• lecithin;

• the Linden extract;

• aloe extract;

• mallow extract;

• apricot kernel oil.


• Heat in the palms of a small amount of cream and spread it on the entire length of clean, towel-dried hair.  A large concentration of funds should be on the tips. Do no rise the cream, do the styling.

Huile Subtile

A soothing oil with sea buckthorn oil, 50 ml

Softens, nourishes and moisturizes the hair, possesses protective properties.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: Apply the oil on dry unwashed hair without rubbing into the roots. Make a hot compress: wrap with wet hot towel, then plastic wrap. Leave under heat for 20 minutes. After the exposure time, use Shampooing Sublim-Hydratant/moisturizing shampoo. First time apply shampoo to the scalp and hair, lather and rinse immediately with in an open way with a longer exposure time. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Huile Supreme


Nutritious oil with deep care for very dry/ damaged hair with corn kernels.

The oil is designed for gentle, effective care for damaged, severely parched hair. It quickly compensates for the deficiency of important elements in the rapid delivery of a full mineral and vitamin complex in the structure of each hair. It serves food, moisturizing hair from the inside, and at the same time provides effective repair of the hair structure on the surface.

The formula includes castor oil, egg, corn, sunflower, wheat oil, soy extract, kapatovo oil, stearic acid.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: Apply the oil on unwashed hair, which are in dry condition. Distribute from root to tip. To achieve a significant effect, you must wrap you head  with plastic wrap and towel. For oil removal, it is recommended to apply the cleaning composition from  Sublim-hydratant line. It is allowed to use butter with no wrap.

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