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KYDRA by PHYTO is a respectful hair colour concept based on the strong belief that beautiful shades can only be achieved and last when applied on healthy and protected hair. 


Be part of our universe and let your creativity flourish with professional colouring and lightening expert products combining effective performance & gentle care. Shimmering browns, exquisite golden shades, commanding blond or fierce copper tones... The radiance of the most natural-looking shades is revealed and gives incredible shine to all hair colours. An excellence achieved through diverse, subtle and exceptionally rich pigments combined with the best of nature. The absence of or low concentration of ammonia in our formulas ensures optimal respect of the hair fiber.


Creamy textures guarantee perfect penetration into the hair fiber and make application extremely pleasant. Results are reliable, controlled and long-lasting. Shades are consistent, rich in colour, full of shine and natural-looking from root to tip. With superior protection,

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