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Founder and mastermind of concern ' Ales Group ', which successfully promotes naturalness and natural beauty - Patrick Ales is a true legend in hairdressing, he stood at the sources of this industry. In the early 60's Patrick Ales , created - Phyto,world-renowned farmacy brand. He worked in the cult beauty salon 'Carita' in Paris, where his clients were world famous actresses of 60th :


Catherine Deneuve , Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot . Patric Ales was Inspired by their beauty, he wanted to extend it and make it naturally luxurious. In the 70s he got the idea to create a line for the restoration and hair care products , based entirely on natural herbal ingredients . Thus , the concept of brand Phyto, based on knowledge about plants and studying the influence of their properties on the human body .


Kydra by Phyto products are unique, because they are composed from an extensive knowledge and experience in the segment of natural cosmetics development.
Over 30 years, PHYTOSOLBA laboratory researchers, are studying and selecting plants with the most active healing powers for giving hairhealth,natural beauty and shine.

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