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  • Soothing action for scalp

  • Protection of scalp and hair fiber

  • Shine

Plant research at PHYTOSOLBA LABORATORIES currently uses PHYTOCOMPLEX3 in the majority of its formulas for a complete gentle hair care that do not compromise on performance. For a more intense experience, KYDRA by PHYTO products have to be combined with Elixir d’Alès, 99% natural oil. As a natural source of beauty, it deeply revitalizes the hair fiber and brings out hair’s natural beauty.





PHYTOCOMPLEX3, a concentrate of natural active ingredients composed of 3 plants for triple action targeting coloured hair, is the result of their expertise:

The difference is on the inside... For over 30 years, the Research teams at PHYTOSOLBA LABORATORIES have studied and selected plants possessing the most beneficial active ingredients for hair
health and beauty.

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