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The SECRET PROFESSIONNEL by PHYTO styling products embody the free expression, elegance and respect for each style. A line of high-performance styling products creates long-lasting results with no residue to beautify hair with a natural look or construct the most elaborate styles. The textures can be massaged and mixed together for customised styles that surpass the limits of creativity. The formulas are enriched with Plant Collagen, a natural active ingredient that gently maintains the natural moisture balance while delivering high shine to the hair fibre.


Highly specialized care for colored hair from Secret Professionnel: 

 • Contains an optimal set of special products. 
• Consists of a unique formula based on extracts of flowers and plants. 
• Designed without adding aggressive chemical components ,parabens and artificial colors free 
• Includes a range of individual programs,  based on the special characteristics of the hair and scalp.


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